16th Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics

This edition of the  Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics is the sixteenth of a biannual series, commemorating thirty years on 2013, the event is back on São Paulo state where it has initiated in 1983.  The workshop gathers the brazilian semiconductor physics community in a series of lectures of the most actual topics in the field. Lectures included theoretical and experimental topics on a wide range of fields like: Nanostructure and spintronic devices, physics of bulk interface and low-dimensional semiconductors, carbon nanotubes and graphene, quantum information, wide-gap semiconductors, magnetic semiconductors, terahertz devices, photonics in semiconductors, biological applications of semiconductors, etc.

Important: the proceedings of the 16BWSP will be published in the Elsevier PhysicsProcedia. More detailsn clicking here.

The conference will be held in a beautiful resort located in the countryside of São Paulo, known for their beautiful landscape and for the adventure sports like canoeing, hiking, rafting and ballooning. The Hotel has also a landing facility and a small aviation museum, where Broa Fly In is annualy held, an aeronautic event that gathers more than 6000 people on sport, experimental, classic and executive aviation.

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adventures during BWSP 16